Hello everybody. recently my friend Tom who just started playing ASL about 6 months ago, and I, fired up Strayer’s Strays. This was his first attempt at full ASL after about 5 months of starter kit.

Strayer’s Strays is an official MMP scenario that puts American paratroopers against a mixed bag of german defenders who have to stop the Americans from getting 10 cvp off of the south edge of board 6. There are good points and bad points to this scenario. First off the good stuff. This is a small non complicated scenario and perfect for a beginner to dive into full ASL. Its small enough to play in about 2 hours and if the new guy loses he has time to rethink his strategy and try it again. The German side provides a good experience with regards to concealment etc. They also don’t have to worry about machine guns yet in this scenario. The Americans have to use bypass movement  and assault fire to concentrate there forces and move quickly.

The bad point to the scenario is that it appears to be broken and heavily favors the Americans. At least among newer players. The Germans have too much land to cover and the American fire power is devastating. That being said Tom played the germans and I played the americans. The americans won the game on turn 3. After the game Tom reviewed his defense to figure out what he could do differently. A promising sign! All in all I give the scenario an A for Learning potential and introduction to full ASL but a C because it appears to be unbalanced. Give it a try and see what you think. In the meantime check out our web site at www.janddhobbies.com , www.theadvancedsquadleaderexperience.com and www.table-top-war-games.com. Best of luck and good gaming


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