Hello everybody. Sorry about the delay in posting but with moving the store and all we have been really busy. In case you want to know our new address is J and D hobbies 600 Broadway Massapequa NY. Over the weekend I got back to the fun stuff, teaching Advanced Squad Leader. I played the Rally Point scenario Death Rattle. On the German side you have a stug along with a mix of 467 and 447 squads. The British get 2 comets and an assortment of elite 458  and first line 457  squads. It takes place in April 1945 so there are panzerfausts everywhere.

It’s a small playable scenario in an afternoon even with a new player. Schwerpunkt designs the rally point line of scenarios to pay as starter kit and full ASL with the same counter mix and boards. An awesome concept. My friend and I played it with starter Kit rules the first time. It was a nail biter the entire way. In The end the 2 comets were too much for the German defenders and the Brits kicked the Germans out of the last victory building with no time left on the clock. The top of the last turn and the Germans did not get to move in the bottom of the turn.

You can see the scenario is a tense fun filled scenario and that’s the most important part. Even though the new player lost as the Germans, Tom had fun and wants to play again. This time we are going to play it introducing some full ASL rules including sniper and concealment. Possibly bypass if he is comfortable with it. The point is that he wants to play it again He has the basic ideas of where he wants to defend etc. He also knows his vehicle, and PZF capability etc, Its going to be a good game and a learning experience. I am going to try this method with several other of the rally point scenarios and see how my students like it. I think this method is a new find and a great way to get new people into this great hobby. In the meantime keep playing this great game and have fun. Check out our new website www.janddhobbies for all the products we have in stock as well as the news of new arrivals.

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