Hello. In keeping up with all the latest and greatest from ASL we are going to review The latest offering from LFT the second Plus edition of their rat pocket charts. First to explain what the pocket charts are. They are a compilation and editing to almost every table you might need to play an advanced squad leader scenario. They can range from the Infantry firepower table to the table for vehicles bogging to DC placement. Quick access to these tables can make the game faster and enjoyable. Here is my copy of the original LFT Rat pocket chart.

LFT Rat Pocket Chart 1


It looks good but the print is small and the glare from the plastic can be distracting when you read the information. Also you will notice the binding did not hold the pages well. Now lets compare the first printing with the revised second edition pocket chart.

Rat Pocket chart 2

I have taken pictures of some of the more commonly used tables to compare. Here is the IFT.

Rat Pocket charts 1 and 2

They did a great job. The print is clearer and not as glossy so it is much easier to use. The same thing applies with the IIFT and the other tables from chapter A.

first edition Rat Pocket IIFT
Rat pocket chart 2 IIFT

The other table most commonly used is the Chapter C to hit table.

Pocket 2 chapter C to hit

The print is bigger and easier to read. The people from LFT have also added a lot more information and have placed a handy index on the back page as well to help you find all this new information. You will also see tabs on the bottom of the pages to get you to the right section quickly and easily.

Index tabs at bottom of Pocket chart 2

This brings me to the one weakness I see in this great product. The binding to hold the pages together. IN the first edition pocket charts, the binding bent and the pages started to come out and I could not put them back.

binding pocket chart 1

The same binding is used this time.

Pocket chart 2 binding

I think the fact that the pages are thicker and of better quality will stop this problem to a degree. The presence of the index and the tabs will mean less turning and bending of the pages. If you look carefully at the binding in the new charts and move it carefully several times you will see that it is meant to lay flat on the table open to the last page, this enables you to move the other pages up and down without bending the binding or the pages.  Overall this is an awesome product and a great addition to your Advanced Squad Leader collection. If you get a chance drop me a line or comment on this article and let me know what you think about this post and if it helped you in your ASL purchases at bob@table-top-war-games.com. Take care and good gaming.

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