Into the Rubble 2

Bounding Fire Productions

MSRP $85.00

Production Value 10/10

Play Value 9/10

components 10/10

Highly recommended

I just finished opening my copy of Into the Rubble 2 by our friends at Bounding Fire productions. When I first got the package you could see it was going to be the same high quality product we have come to expect form bounding fire productions. This pack comes with 20 hard hitting scenarios in full color

Into the rubble full color scenario card.

This great scenario pack also comes with aver 200 counters including new vehicles and new terrain. The artwork is clean and bright and very easy to read and understand.

Into the Rubble 2 counters

There are three boards including BFP A, BFP B and the Double wide BFP DW7 parts A and B

Into the Rubble 2 Boards

Finally it comes with all the overlays needed to play the scenarios as well as all the rules needed for the new vehicles as well as the new terrain types. The most important thing is how the scenarios play out. The ones I have played are well balanced and offer a challenge to ASL players of every level and a high replay value. The 85 dollar list price for Into the Rubble 2 is money well spent. It will give you dozens of hours of enjoyable cardboard combat in some of the most brutal terrain available in the Advanced Squad Leader world. If you want to purchase this item from my store J and Hobbies or if you have any thoughts about this posting or Into the Rubble 2 please contact me at You can also purchase this great module through the links provided. Either way this is definitely a must have for the ASL player of all levels.



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