Hello everybody and sorry about the delay in posting but I have been playing a lot of advanced Squad leader and have been having a lot of fun showing this great game to a couple of younger players. They are ages 10 and 11. Now you might think that they might be too young for this game when compared to us when we were that age. But you would be pleasantly surprised. They have been playing actively for the past six months and they are getting better and better at it, and I think it draws upon their video game experiences and their deck building games like pokemon and magic the Gathering. I call the two methods total immersion and the quick strike

Total Immersion

Total Immersion follows the example of the video games of today. First we played a couple of intro scenarios just to learn the basics of the game. After Guards counter attack and a couple of more mobile east Front scenarios  Bill showed them the campaign map for KP1. I saw their eyes light up and they could not wait to get into it. They sat down and their eyes lit up as I explained the battle of the bulge and all the history that goes along with this great game. My friend Bill took the Germans in the game while Jayden and Johnny took the Americans. I monitored the game, answered rules questions on the spot and presented options to the new players. I did not give them strategy or tactics in their battle plan but I tried to help them with how to get the most out of each piece and helped them navigate the myriad of charts etc. The whole time we played Bill and I explained that its just a game for fun, relax and get into the feel of the game. The Campaign game lasted for 5 battles and the American conceded at that point. They had lost but their skills grew by leaps and bounds and they were ready for bigger and better things. At this point Jayden wanted to play me in a smaller scenario that could be played in an evening. I had to pick a scenario that was small/ quick/ fun to play and had both infantry and vehicles. After scouring the archive I chose Tin Cans Tin Hats BC 4.

Quick strike

Tin Cans Tin Hats BC4

This quick playing scenario has the Vichy French defending a bridge against a determined bunch of Australians. To defend the bridge they get one tank to start a 9-1 leader, 4-5-8 squad/ a 248 half squad and a MMG. They get a second R35 tank on turn 2. as well as 6 question marks to keep the Australian honest. The Australians get 6 458 squads a heroic 8-0 leader,an 8-1 leader, a light machine gun and an ATR. I had the pleasure of playing Jayden twice in this scenario. He took the Vichy French because he likes tanks and I attacked with the Australians. This scenario came down to the last close combat dice roll twice. Mind  you while I am not an expert at this game I have been playing it since original squad leader and Jayden has been playing for about 9 months. That’s learning at a great speed and enjoying it.

We are now going to the far east and introducing Jayden to the Japanese Army in a playing of Friendly Fires Marco Polo Bridge incident. It gives the Chinese about 25 squads and 1 armored car and the Japanese get about 18 squads and 2 tankettes. Jayden is psyched for it and so am I. I can take credit for this intro to ASL my friend Bill came up with the campaign game idea and Jayden requested a smaller scenario to hone his skills. How ever we get there to get this kind of interest into our game in the era of video games and I phones is fun and refreshing. I will keep you posted. Let me know what  you think at my e  mail bob@table-top-war-games.com. If you have any questions or thoughts contact me also. If you want to brush up on the rules check out our videos on you tube on the J and D hobbies channel. For info about our ASl products and ASl products in general check out our links here or in our sister web site www.table-top-war-games.com. Like always best of luck and good gaming.





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  1. I have had much success with ASL scenario W2 The Front in Flames, when teaching the basic infantry combat to new players.

    1. Hi Thanks for the input. I forgot about that one. I have a new player coming up the ranks from starter to full ASL.I will try that one out.
      Take care and thanks for reading my blog. I will post how he does.

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