Friendly fire scenario FRF 16 Last orders.

Hi we are continuing with the introduction of advanced Squad leader to new young players in the video game age. If you saw my last post there are 2 phases: total immersion and the quick strike. The total immersion is getting involved in a large game or a campaign game to get the feel of the flow of the game. The second part is the quick strike. This is much more subtle but actually more important. To do this you need smaller scenarios that have repeat play potential. The first one we saw was Tin Hats Tin Cans from break contact. The second one which I would use for this is the Scenario Frf 16 Last Orders.

This is a small scenario with small but interesting orders of battle for both sides. The key to this gem is the victory conditions. It takes place in late war Germany in April 1945. The German player sets up first then draws a card to randomly determine the victory conditions he must fill to win. They can be escape to the west with his infantry or to berlin with his prized elefant tanks or they can be to inflict damage on the Russians or stop the Russians from getting to the back board. All determined after the german player sets up. This poses problems to both the German defender who has to try to set up to fulfill any of the conditions but also to the Russian attacker who has to set up his attack to stop all 4 of the conditions. We played this game in the store 5 times and no 2 games played the same and they played quickly. Most importantly the new player always had a chance to win and in fact he did once. When a new player wins a game fair and square that gives them a boost to their morale and motivates them to keep playing. I highly recommend this scenario for the experienced player as well as the new player trying to learn the game. You can find this scenario in Friendly fire scenario pack 2. This pack has a lot of great scenarios and a lot of play value. I highly recommend this pack. If you get a chance pick up this great scenario pack. Let me know what you think about the pack and this post and contact me at

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