Hello everybody. sorry for the delay in posting but store got busy etc and life got in the way. But recently i sat down and played a Deluxe ASL scenario from the original Streets of Fire game. Guryev’s headquarters. For those interested its available for free download off of MMP’s web site. My friend John and I blew the dust off my copy of Streets of Fire and dove in. The large hexes are beautiful all these years later and with no stacking issues the beauty of this game come out.

In the After action report the battle was nip and tuck the entire way. The Germans had the upper hand for almost the entire battle but in the end my heroic 9-1 Russian leader led a charge into the victory building and eliminated enough units in close combat to win the game. It went down  to the last dice roll in hand to hand close combat. My friend John as the Germans needed to roll a 5 or less to win and rolled a 7. The most fun i have had playing any game in a long time. We are now starting to play the DASL scenarios and I have started to design one. I know these boards have been out of print for a while but MMP has just printed WO 9 using deluxe ASL boards and scenarios. If you want to get a flavor for Deluxe ASL I advise you getting the WO before it goes out of print.

Winter offensive 9

Overall value 10/10

Recommendation very High

great replay value

High recommendation

You can shop the link above or come see us at J and D hobbies 600 Broadway in Massapequa NY. There is also a deluxe ASL set put out by Le Franc Tirer which might be available on line as well. If you get the chance to try Deluxe ASL you will not be disappointed. Drop a note and let me know what you think.

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