Ok so now you have taken the dive and bought the Advanced Squad Leader Rule Book. You have entered the realm of Full ASL and are itching to get started. Some people will play the Starter scenarios adding in the Advanced ASL rules like Bypass movement, Human wave, heat of battle etc. This will wet your whistle so to speak and lead you down the path to the greatest hobby and war game around. Next you need to buy your first ASL Module. That has to be Beyond Valor.

Beyond Valor ASL module 1

MSRP $120.00

Play Value 10/10

Content 10/10

Necessity 11/10

This module comes with all the info counters you need to play the game as well as the complete orders of battle for the Russians and Germans.

Beyond valor Pieces

You will also get your introduction into full vehicle and weapons notes. This will bring the battlefield to life at a level of detail never before seen on any table. This massive module comes with 24 ASL scenarios as well as all the boards and pieces needed to play them all.

ASL module 1 contents

With this module you can go from Finland in 1939 all the way to Berlin in 1945. ASL module 1 in Conjunction with the ASL rule book might cost about 200 dollars total but don’t let that dissuade you. You are entering a game and a hobby which will last a life time, making new friends and having new experiences. You can link to the pictures above to find this item on Amazon or you can contact us at bob@table-top-war-games.com. We have multiple copies in stock ready for sale. We offer free shipping anywhere in the continental unites States. Drop us a note in the reply box below or contact us at bob@table-top-war-games.com with comments, questions and thoughts. Also if you would like to watch a demo of Advanced Squad leader go to our you tube channel J and D hobbies.


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  1. I have been enjoying SK1 and I am looking forward to full ASL. Thanks to the many resources online, and an old friend far away who has been very helpful over the phone (and by email), I am feeling pretty comfortable in the SK1 world. Thanks to everyone out there who has posted an article, tutorial, example of play, or any one of scores of videos on this wonderful game. I feel that I have been able to get a jump start on the rulebook (okay, maybe that jump start is just a pinkie toe over the line).

    I was thrilled when I found ASLRB and BV for $152 combined online (inc. shipping), and even more thrilled when FedEx tracking told me they would be here a few days earlier than expected!

    Thanks for the blog here, very helpful and encouraging.

    1. Hi. Thanks for checking out my blog.. Best of luck in your ASL adventure. Its a great game. Hang in there and have fun.Always look for reviews and ask questions. Yu will find a whole community of us that love the game. Take care and best of luck
      bob tufano

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