starter kit expansion #1

ASL starter Kit expansion Pack 1 turned out to be a great surprise. I purchased it because I like everything to do with advanced Squad Leader and I thought I was only getting an expansion to starter kit 1 which is only infantry combat. I was pleasantly surprised to see this is actually an expansion to the entire starter kit series. It has vehicles, guns, good introductory scenarios and the boards needed to play those scenarios. All the great stuff that ASL is known for. It comes with a rulebook, vehicle notes and all the counters needed to play this great game as well except the dice.


starter kit expansion #1

ASL Starter Kit expansion #1

MSRP $40.00

Contents 10/10

Rating 7/10

Recommended but not essential


Its 40.00 dollar retail price is a bargain to get started in the premier tactical war game of World war 2. The scenarios are a good variety for the players who are just getting into Advanced Squad Leader which is who the Starter kit system is designed for. They will also help experienced players to introduce the full system to the starter Kit players. I highly recommend this game. It will give your dozens of hours of play and its totally compatible with the other starter kits as well as the full advanced Squad leader game system. Let me know what you think about my post and this game. You can use the link above to get this from amazon or contact me at to get your own copy of this game or anything in the advanced Squad leader gaming line.

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