ASL Journal 12

MSRP $26.00

Rating 10/10

Play Value 10/10

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of purchasing Multimanpublishing’s ASL Journal 12. This journal is a great addition to the Advanced Squad Leader Family of products. The artwork is clean and crisp and easy to read due to the matte finish of the pages. The articles are written by some of the best names in ASL and present relative topics and tactics, Such as how to bypass freeze infantry with tanks and what the infantry can do stop it in the article “A dose of Antifreeze ” by Peter Striuff, how to make the last stand in your alamo hex to win the game in “Single hex fire Groupology” by Ken Dunn and J.R. Tracy and in “Advanced Nuggets” Paul Sidhu goes through a lot of those nuanced rules that can turn defeat into victory.

These  articles alone make the journal worth the list price. The other great articles cover scenario analysis of two great scenarios AP119 Konev’s Cross and AP 71 head in the noose, a previews of the Korean War module and the new and improved modules and counters like Yanks, applying American military doctrine to ASL and several other great topics.

Besides all the articles you also get 12 new Scenarios on separate cardstock and the corrected version of Gavin’s Take. These sceanrios take you everywhere from Eastern front to western front to the pacific and cover the early, middle and late war. This Journal is definitely a must have for the beginning ASL player as well as the very experienced one. I highly recommend it for everybody. Let me know what you think about the journal and feel free to send me a comment at If you would like to buy the ASL Journal 12 I have it for sale at my store J and D hobbies in Massaspequa Park New York pleae Contact me at the same at

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