In Advanced Squad leader the vehicle and gun counters are not just depictions of the vehicles and guns involved, they also have tons of information on them which the players need to access through the course of the game. Some info can be on the back of the counter and some on the front. For the player to find out the information they might have to stop the game, move the counter and get a closer look at it. This can be annoying and can result in counter avalanche and lost time. I found the way around this by blowing up the counter to get a better view. This large counter can also help you find the counters to start the game as well. This is how I did it. We will use the American M4A3(76)W tank.

counter front
counter back

By using a good quality color copier the Advanced Squad leader counter can be blown up as shown. If you do not have access to one Staples usually has the copiers necessary. I blew it up 220 times the original. The colors stay true and the beauty of the counter comes out. I followed the same process again and did the back of the counter. If the copier can use Avery label paper you can get the full sheets and place 10 or 11 counters side by side and then flip them over to get the back sides as well. Then you can get cardstock and mount the pieces like we did here. I actually used old game boxes I had lying around. To mount them, I glued the front art on to the box. let it dry. Then cut it out and mounted the white part on the back side.

You can see the end result is great. The large counter is available off board to the owning player giving him access to all the vital information this tank has to offer. This little trick will impress your friends and pick up your game. Let me know what you think about this post and let me know if you have any ideas for future posts by contacting me at Thanks for taking the time to read my post and best of luck in all your gaming.





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