This web site came into being because of my long career in playing Advanced Squad Leader. It started on a whim in the late 1970’s and has become my favorite pass time. Through my 30 plus years of playing I have met thousands of people. Had enjoyable landmark battles and have developed a love of history, and friendships that have lasted decades. All over the cardboard battlefields of this game. The purpose of this web site is to pass on my experiences and to light the fire of adventure in another generation of ASL players. Also to give advice and not to make the same mistakes I have made.  I want to set up a place where players can meet and play face to face as well.

Advanced Squad Leader

Besides playing the game there are different aspects to this hobby. There is the study of history, re living the lives of some of the most famous and infamous warriors, Examining and recreating some of the most pivotal battles of history and joining a community of some of the greatest people in the world. So follow along our web site and join this great hobby. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at